Monday, January 9, 2012

Language Features of Procedure Text

In the Procedure Text, we use SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE.
The Simple Present Tense has a pattern like this:

Subject + Verb 1 + Object

Here is the example; I boil a pan of water

Can you see where is the subject, verb 1 and the object from the example?

Yes, here they are;
I as a subject

Boil as the verb 1

A pan of water as the object

Then after you know about the Grammar from Procedure Text, now let's see the Generic Structure and the Language Feature of it. . .

The Generic structures of Procedure text are :
  1. Goal : It is containt the purpose of the text. (e.g : How to make spagheti)
  2. Material or Ingredient : it is containt of the materials that used in the process. (e.g : the material to cook omelette are egg, onion, vegetable oil, etc. )
  3. Step : it is containt of the steps to make something in the goal. (e.g : first, wash the tomatoes, onion, ...., second cut the onions becomes slice. . . )
The other language features in Procedural Text are :
  • Use adverbial of sequence (e.g: first, second, third, the last)
  • Use command (e.g : put the noodles on the . . ., cut the onion. . ., wash the tomatoes. . . ) 
After we learn about the Generic structures, the Grammar, and the Language features of Procedure Text,
now let's we go to the example of Procedure text and try to find out each of the generic structure and the language features from the text click here

Happy Fun Learning Activity....^_^

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